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To demonstrate empathy and create certainty.


We take pride in our work

We believe everyone should feel proud about the work they do and how they do it. For us, our business is much more than a job. It is an avenue for us to fulfil the universal human need to feel significant and that what we do has an impact on our customers and the world.

We seek first to understand, then be understood.

We believe our ability to achieve our goals has a symbiotic relationship with our clients ability to achieve their goals. We are genuinely interested in our client’s ambitions and seeing their goals become a reality. If we don’t think our service can assist you achieve what you want then we will tell you.

We take responsibility for outcomes

We value a proactive approach by our people and know that people shape circumstances. We recognise that we can’t always control circumstances but we can always choose how to respond to them and we believe every challenge presents an opportunity for us to test ourselves and grow.

We back ourselves and communicate with confidence

Our customers want to feel certain we can help them attain their outcome so we value people with the confidence to back themselves. This is not to be confused with being stubborn or inflexible. We believe ‘what is right is what works’ so we are certain in communicating our desired outcomes but flexible in our approach.

We stay curious

We value ongoing learning and discovering things we didn’t once know. We are curious about our challenges and embrace them as opportunities to learn and grow. Being curious sometimes requires us to step out of our comfort zones and undertake tasks that we don’t want to do.


Managing Director

Paul is a sitting member of the UDIA infill development committee that is the leading development industry advocacy body in Australia. The committee advise and often lobby government for changes to improve the development industry for developers.

Paul was selected for this committee because he was identified as being expertly placed to advise the UDIA on priority issues our developer clients face on a day to day basis.

Paul has had vast experience in solving complex planning issues and assessing a wide range of planning development applications, as well as a decade of experience in client representation at VCAT.

His leadership capabilities mean he has excelled as a skilled negotiator.

As Managing Director, Paul was honoured with the Victorian Government’s Young Achiever Award for Small Business, and the following year had CS Town Planning awarded a Gold Award the Australian Customer Service Awards.

He is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.



Bruno is our principal statutory planner with dual honours degrees from RMIT, Melbourne in urban and regional planning and construction management, with an honours in the latter.

His professional experience is a combination of statutory town planning for private firms and construction project management for tier one builders. This duality means Bruno has experience in projects from inception to building completion, placing him in a unique position to be able to advise clients with the bigger picture in mind.

Bruno has more than a decade of experience in consulting within the private statutory planning industry and he has been involved in preparing planning submissions for approval, appearance before VCAT and technical planning advice relied on by consultants for various town planning applications including broadacre subdivision. He has overseen the construction delivery or major projects such as schools meaning he is a very experienced negotiator with a keen eye for detail, a knowledge of how to build good working relationships and a focus on ensuring timelines are met.

As our principal planner, Bruno is responsible for overseeing all applications lodged on behalf of our clients.


Senior Associate

Wendy is an Associate Town Planner who has cultivated an exemplary set of skills and knowledge working in the private sector throughout her career.

As a result of her exclusive experience in the private sector, she has a well rounded and pragmatic approach to her advice with a strong focus on the overall interests of a project post planning approval.

Her strengths lie in providing development feasibility insight, technical planning assessments, application requirement advice for a wide ranging number of land use and development proposals and building trust-worthy working relationships with clients and government entities. She has experience in complex and highly charged negotiations between developers, objectors, councils and a range of other stakeholders.

Wendy also has experience appearing as a town planning advocate on behalf of clients at VCAT for Practice Day Hearings as well as Compulsory Conferences and merits hearings.

Wendy graduated with a bachelors degree in the built environment, majoring in landscape architecture and also has a masters in Urban Planning from the University of Melbourne. She is also bilingual and proficient in both Chinese and Japanese.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank CS for organising the planning permit for us with City of Melbourne; we found your attention in servicing our needs on the recent permit application efficient and professional. The Boyd group would certainly use your Company again for applications for town planning that we may need in the future. Once again thank you for your efforts and support it was very much appreciated.