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Will you be affected by new residential planning zones

July 1, 2013

July 2013 – Will you be affected by new residential planning zones?

Victoria’s reformed residential planning zones have commenced since Monday 1st of July and will be implemented into all planning schemes by July 2014.

A quick snapshot….

Residential Zone 1 will change to Residential Growth Zone

Residential Zone 2 will change to General Residential Zone

Residential Zone 3 will change to Neighbourhood Residential Zone


The aims of these reformed zones are to give Council more specification and clarity when assessing applications. These changes will give Councils particulars to work with rather than policy that can be loosely applied.

  • The purpose of RGZ is to enable new housing growth and diversity in appropriate locations.
  • The purpose of GRZ is to respect and preserve neighbourhood character while allowing moderate housing growth and diversity.
  • The purpose of NRZ is to restrict housing growth in areas identified for urban preservation.

For more information on these zone visit www.dpcd.vic.gov.au or click here for a helpful overview.

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