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Bulcock Street


Assist ANZ gain approval to permit key signage to remain illuminated on a 24-hour basis. Council preference was for the signage to be switched off in the evenings, possibly impacting delivery of key marketing messages. 


This is one of our many collaborations with ANZ and construction company Lendlease as part of a major rollout of regional bank updates to ANZ banks across Queensland and nationwide. Previously a disused shop, the scope of works at 47 Bulcock Street, Caloundra in Queensland included three new ANZ signs. An illuminated under awning sign, an illuminated ANZ logo and an electronic sign which had alternating ANZ marketing content displayed at timed intervals. Sunshine Coast Council were initially hesitant to allow the signage to be illuminated for 24 hours. Instead requesting the signs to be switched off between the hours of 11pm and 5am the following day. We understood the necessity of the 24-hour illumination for our client. We negotiated with and lobbied Sunshine Coast Council to permit the signs to be illuminated for 24 hours arguing that the signage was acceptable due to the commercial location of the site. We were successful and all the signs were approved and allowed to remain illuminated for the full 24 hours as part of the planning permit.