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Waverley Road, MALVERN EAST


This application involved buildings and works on behalf of Bendigo bank to relocate their Malvern East branch in Victoria to a building within a heritage overlay in Waverley Road. The bank was relocating from an existing building within the same street and were blindsided when Stonnington Council planning department advised they would not support their proposed alternations or signage to their new premises. This was particularly perplexing for the bank because the proposed alterations were required for security purposes and to create wheelchair access to the building. 


The team at CS were approached after the planning application had been lodged with Council and Council had indicated non-support of the proposed building modifications within the heritage overlay. The team quickly identified that councils concerns revolved around the demolition of an intact heritage shopfront and the replacement of the brass framed glazing with standard aluminium frames. Through a negotiation process with council we were able to reach an outcome where the shopfront was allowed to be modified to allow for an electric sliding door for disabled access with all other elements of the brass framed windows being retained. This outcome allowed the bank to achieve their desired access arrangement and the heritage fabric of the building was retained to councils satisfaction.