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Russell Street, MELBOURNE


This NAB branch is located at the corner of Russell Street and Little Bourke Street within the CBD. As part of the town planning application to upgrade the branch, NAB required a large section of the glazing along the Little Bourke Street frontage to be removed and reinstated with a brick wall for security reasons. This proposal was not supported by Melbourne City Council because the planning scheme requires that ground floor tenancies retain windows within the retail core of the city to enhance interaction with the public space and avoid the presentation of blank walls to the streets.


The CS team developed a solution where NAB's application to fully screen views into the branch from the windows was supported through the use of a non-transparent acrylic film being applied to the windows. The use of this film was agreeable with council because the window was being retained and could be converted to a typical retail window anytime in the future if the bank vacated the building. This solution became the template for corner city bank branches within the CBD and one we are proud to have been a part in developing.