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Garden Road, CLAYTON


The franchisee was concerned the neighbouring business’ in his area would object to his permit being approved due to the members parking in their parking spaces during classes. There were also residential properties nearby that could object to the early opening hours of the gym and loud music playing. 


The CS team are deeply experienced in preparing change of use applications for gyms and know a proactive approach is important to ensuring council support for the application. The team appointed a traffic engineer to review the existing car parking supply and demand for the area and make recommendations for the staggering of class time commencements to ensure there would always be an adequate number of free car parking spaces to meet the demand of gym members without the need for them to illegally park within neighbouring business’ spaces. The team also included noise mitigation measures on the plans submitted with the application in acknowledgement of the neighbouring residents. This proactive approach the public were pleased to see an acknowledgement of the issues before they had to object and this reflected favourably on the application assessment by Council.