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Solar Panels in Victoria now protected from overshadowing


Sophie Thomas.


This amendment introduces a firm policy for councils to follow when considering solar panels as part of a town planning permit applicaiton. 

Further Debate about Monash’s Amendment C125


Sophie Thomas.


Further debate about this planning scheme amendment is likely after the latest verision council have decided to lodge with the planning minister. 

Awarding Costs for a VCAT planning appeal.

vcat planning appeals

Sophie Thomas.


Very often clients who successfully overturn a council planning applicaiton decision want to seek compensation from the other party for costs incurred as a result of a VCAT appeal. This article looks at the circumstances under which costs can be awarded for a VCAT appeal. 

Planning Permits in Victoria

planning permits

Sophie Thomas.


Planning pemrits are often issued with the requirements for changes to the plans before the plans are finally approved. These are comonally referred to as conditional chnages and are described in this article.