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Planning permits by expert Town Planners

Planning Permits for Developers

Planning Permits for Businesses

To develop a site or change an existing use in an Activity Centre, Commercial or Industrial zone, a planning permit is often required. The planning scheme also controls minor things like car parking and business signage.

Planning Permits for Project Managers

Planning Permits for Project Managers

We work for Project Managers across the corporate, commercial, industrial and residential sectors. We understand that the planning permit process benefits from a proactive approach. Expect first class service.

Planning Permits for Architects

Planning Permits for Architects

We work for Architects and Draftspeople to obtain planning permits for every land use, from single dwellings to places of worship, from restaurants to rural industrial sites. Get us onboard early to assist with planning permit approval.

VCAT  Hearings - Planning Appeals

VCAT Hearings – Planning Appeals

VCAT has the power to vary or overturn council planning decisions. If you would like a planning permit decision reviewed at a VCAT hearing, we can help with that. From Practice Day to Final Orders, we have you covered.


I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude in your efforts regarding the appeals case for our Brighton development. We were extremely pleased to have you represent us and provide expert evidence in the way you did, and having you on board made all the difference in getting this case over the line, especially given the nature of the case and with no option for failure.

Ryan Jafari, Jafari Property Group