Seven Townhouses, WODONGA

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Seven Townhouses, WODONGA


This site in the regional town of Wodonga consisted of three lots that were to be fully cleared and redeveloped for seven houses. This yield was difficult to achieve and meet all the required rescode standards necessary for a town planning permit to issue.


The CS team worked diligently with the design team on multiple layouts that resulted in the maximum number of dwellings being achieved on the site while achieving full rescode compliance. The resultant design saw four double storey dwellings with three bedrooms each being constructed in the rear of the site and three single storey dwellings constructed within the site frontage. The challenging project was compounded by the fact that the property boundaries were angular in nature and a visitor’s car parking space had to be provided internally within the site. However, the team were able to overcome these features and meet the clients required yield and a council issued planning permit followed.