• VCAT

170 Ormond Road,

This strategic development site was considered a key development opportunity due to the size of the site and attracted a lot of public interest when plans were publicly discussed for the proposal. The redevelopment of the site for a mixed use residential complex included social and affordable housing which piqued the public interest in the project


The proposal required a heighted amount of consultation with the local council to ensure the public interests were considered. Our role was to advocate for the development of the site for private residences while at the same time achieving a balance of social and affordable housing. The result was a beautifully designed, well built and well managed development that met the needs of the community for social housing and achieved a profitable outcome for our client


This case required conflict resolution skills that are common place in planning disputes. The first step in the process was to ensure the gym was operating within the permitted times under the council approved planning permit. Once the gym has demonstrated compliance with the approved conditions for a six month timeframe and relations with the residential neighbours improved our client approached each of the neighbours to discuss the reasons why they were seeking to open earlier with each of the neighbours affected. Contact details between the owner of the gym and each of the neighbours were shared and as a result there were no objections lodged to our planning application to increase opening hours and council approved the application.

date of completion
October 2017
City of Port Phillip
Hayball Architects

“CS Town Planning represented us at a VCAT mediation hearing in regard to a neighbouring development. They patiently, competently and confidently prepared and steered us through the process, presented our case without the emotional involvement of those directly involved, and most definitely achieved the best possible outcome under the circumstances.”