• VCAT

September 1, 2013

September 2013 – VCAT seek feedback from planning consultants

This month CS Town Planning has been invited to a discussion forum by the Planning and Environment List Members of VCAT.

Over the past few months VCAT have been conducting a series of forums with metropolitan councils, planning consultants, legal practitioners and others involved in planning reviews at VCAT. They have already conducted forums with some councils and single practitioner consultants.

Leading Melbourne planning consultants are invited to attend the next forum which will take place on Wednesday, 25th September.

The purpose of the forums is to provide consultants and Planning and Environment List Members with the opportunity to discuss matters of common interest. The Tribunal is keen to discuss a number of procedural and practical issues, and are also keen to receive feedback from consultants on matters that they wish to raise.

This forum is an excellent opportunity to have dialogue between consultants and Members of Tribunal. Constructive feedback and discussion will potentially lead to a smoother and more effective hearing day for all involved.

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