Planning Approval

You can benefit from less stress, more free time and a more seamless council planning approval by having your planning application completed by an expert in town planning approval. A number of our team have a professional background in town planning, including within local council planning departments. Our knowledge and established professional relationships within these departments result in quicker approvals benefiting you, our client.

The town planning process can be complex and treacherous, but our experts have the benefit of many years’ of experience meaning they have seen it all. Thus, they are in a position where they can provide high level advice to our clients when unforeseen problems arise. Our experts can offer value to our clients in many areas, including:

  • How to deal with objections from neighbours;
  • Getting quicker approval and more prompt feedback from Council;
  • An intimate knowledge of the internal process and working of local council planning departments;

The cumulative value of this expertise means we are able to identify potential application issues that could result in a delay or a refusal of your planning application at the outset and rectify them before an application is lodged. This provides our clients peace of mind in the outcome and as seamless a planning approval as possible. The town planning process is a nine step process and these steps can be read by clicking the link below.

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