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Subdivision and Development for the Residential Market

10 Tips to Make Sure Your Subdivision is Profitable

The FAQ's of Subdividing

How do you subdivide a block?


Subdivision Process - Land Subdivision - Subdivision Permit
How do I subdivide a block
10 must use tips to pick properties for a profitable subdivision
Typical Lot Layout for Subdivisions

What is Subdivision?

Subdivision is a popular method of releasing the financial equity in your property. This process is broken down into eleven steps and our specialist staff are here to support you through the process, working in close partnership with you every step of the way.

Subdivision Process

Subdivision involves designing a development layout for your property that meets your local council’s town planning policy framework, and also complies with the regulations governing Victorian subdivision, commonly known as Rescode. The local regulations vary from Council to council meaning that a subdivision proposal in the Monash or Boroondara Council area may not receive support in neighbouring Whitehorse Council or nearby Banyule Council or Glen Eira Council. It is important to engage a professional with local experience before commencing to avoid common pitfalls.

There is no one Council that is more ‘difficult’ to work with than another to get a subdivision approved but it is true to say that the processes vary between each so you should engage a professional firm with local experience and relationships. You can read some of our success stories by clicking on the photographs on the left hand side. Once we have obtained subdivision consent from your local council we must then connect the newly created block(s) to the sewer, electric and water infrastructure.

Property Owner Obligations

As the owner who benefits from the value of a newly created block of land it is important that you be aware that you must pay to connect the newly created block(s) to sewer, electricity and water infrastructure prior to the sale of the land. This connection process and the cost cannot be passed to a purchaser of a new block and the connection process must be completed before the new title for the block can be released. Our experts have completed this connection process on behalf of our clients in a number of metropolitan suburbs including for each of the success stories on the left hand side of this page. We will ensure your connections and processed in an efficient manner which will save you time in completing the project.

Meeting Conditions for Planning Permit Approval

When all of the conditions of your council-issued planning approval are met, we can then obtain property titles for the newly created lot(s). Titles cannot be obtained until all conditions of your Council approval are met. The conditions on your Council approval will vary from Council to Council but our team know the conditions of Monash Council, Boroondara Council, Whitehorse Council, Banyule Council and Glen Eira Council intimately and can tell you exactly what is required to obtain the titles for sale. On obtaining titles this land can then be sold to a new owner or held by the current owner for investment purposes.

Get Assistance with Subdivision Planning Approval

There are various elements to be considered when subdividing land or buildings. These include:

  • Real estate prices in your local area to determine whether the project will be profitable;
  • Knowing the associated application costs of the Council and the infrastructure connection when completing a subdivision;
  • An effective development layout so that the maximum value of the land is achieved;
  • Being aware of any existing site features, such as trees and easements, which may restrict the subdivision potential of the land

Our team has the vision, creativity and demonstrated industry experience to exceed your expectations and deliver a fantastic return on your investment. Take the stress out of your subdivision project by letting our experts complete the project efficiently and successfully.

We work with the councils shown in grey below:

Alfred Grove
Monash City Council

This side by side This side by side development in the City of Monash was approved in 2019. Monash City Council have always discouraged double crossover arrangements to  single lots but in this instance the experts at CS pointed out to Council that on lots that are wide but shallow a side by side development with single width crossovers to each house is appropriate. Council originally also took issue with the mirror image design of the houses and to address this concern the CS design team incorporated a number of subtle design techniques such as varying setbacks across the frontage, different window shapes and forms and an alternate front porch arrangement to each dwelling to address the issues raised. All these features combined convinced the City of Monash planning department that the development was worthy of support.

Click on the thumbnails below to view images from this project
Monash Council
Monash Council
South Road

This project involved the demolition of the existing home and construction of two homes. Each home contains three bedrooms plus upstairs retreat. The development was approved by Bayside Council in January 2019. South Road is a main road and such roads attract a classification as Category One Roads by Vicroads. For Category One Roads Vicroads do not permit cars to reverse straight onto the road from the property and they also do not approve of additional crossovers to sites located along Category One Roads. The development had to be designed to provide a hard stand turning area in the frontage for cars to turn upon exiting the garage and exit the site in a forward direction via the existing single crossover serving the site. The team at CS successfully negotiated approval of the large hard stand area in front of the houses despite Councils concerns.   

Click on the thumbnails below to view images from this project
Dennis Avenue

A modern two townhouse development on a corner site which required demolition of the existing home. Each home consisted of a double garage, four bedrooms and an open planned living/meals and kitchen area.

Click on the thumbnails below to view images from this project
Capital Avenue

This large French provincial design in Glen Waverley consisting of a basement cellar and four bedrooms per dwelling. Each dwelling has three bathrooms and an upstairs retreat and rumpus area. 

Click on the thumbnails below to view images from this project
Capital Ave, Glen Waverley Capital Ave, Glen Waverley
Capital Ave, Glen WaverleyCapital Ave, Glen Waverley
Queens Court

This development consists of three houses on one lot, each with double garage and two bathrooms. The master of each home home includes a WIR and an ensuite. It is a contemporary design response in an older section of Berwick within the city of Casey. The development was approved for construction in April 2018 and is expected to commence in the first quarter of 2019. 

Click on the thumbnails below to view images from this project
Quenns Crt, Berwick
Queens Crt, Berwick

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