• VCAT

July 13, 2022

VCAT introduces new fast track list to clear backlog


VCAT has introduced a new process for fast tracking certain types of town planning appeals. Applications that can be made under the new fast track process are refined to simpler matters where the tribunal can make a prompt decision. The following applications will be automatically added to the fast track list from the 1st July 2022:

  • Applications to extend the lapse date of a planning permit;
  • Amendments to existing permits;
  • Section 149 matters that are ‘to the satisfaction of the Responsible Authority’
  • Section 184 applications to end or amend agreements
  • Refusal to issue a certificate of compliance.

Applications made in any of these categories will aim to be heard within nine weeks of the appeal being lodged. If a practice day is required for the appeal then the timeframe will stretch out to twelve weeks. Oral decisions will normally be issued, on the day at the conclusion of the hearing. If the tribunal reserve a decision then parties can expect a decision within two weeks after the hearing for less complex matters.  Applicants can request their appeal not be added to the fast track list if they wish the matter to be heard on the standard list and any application being considered under the fast track list cannot be amended by the applicant. The same statutory application fees apply whether the case is added to the fast track list or considered under the normal list. Click here for a VCAT issued fact sheet on the fast track list.