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Do you want a planning permit decision reviewed by VCAT? Got a question about a Practice Day, Compulsory Conference, or Hearing?

We are VCAT appeal specialists who provide credible, objective and confidential reviews of council decisions.

Let our experience guide you, from gauging the likelihood of success at VCAT through to the recruitment of an expert witness to support your case and ensure the outcome you are after.

And we know the value of professional and timely advice.

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What is VCAT?

VCAT is a tribunal that was set up by the government in 1998 to resolve legal matters without the need for the parties to go to court. Although it is a tribunal, it works in a very similar way to a court. It is divided into five divisions and town planning appeals are heard under the Planning and Environment list of the administrative division.

We specialise in cases under this list. Under the 1998 VCAT Act, the tribunal have the authority to overrule any decision issued by a local council in relation to a planning permit application.

This includes either a decision by council to refuse or approve a planning permit.

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