If you feel your local council have misinterpreted or incorrectly applied the planning scheme, you may appeal their decision to the Planning and Environmental Department at VCAT.

Your case will be heard by independent VCAT member(s) who have a legal or professional town planning background. VCAT have the authority to uphold, set aside or vary the decision of Council. The decision of VCAT is solely based on the requirements of the planning scheme, so a successful case must be based on demonstrating how the decision of the Council is inconsistent with the policies and guidelines within the planning scheme. Your case must be based around this requirement - our experts can add value to this process thanks to their extensive previous experience in successfully presenting these cases to VCAT members.  

As well as having an expert present at your case, our team will also complete all necessary formalities and paperwork involved in the lodgement of your appeal.

If you feel the Council have incorrectly applied or not given enough weight to the planning scheme requirements in a decision you have received, please call us to discuss your situation with an expert.  

For an overview of the formal process of lodging a VCAT appeal, please click learn more below, or enquire now with our team of specialists now to discuss your needs.

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