• VCAT

November 14, 2022

Some VCAT hearings will return to in-person hearings very soon.

After a long absence due to Covid, VCAT will return to in-person hearings for a select array of Planning and Environment Division hearings on Monday of next week.

VCAT issued the following notice on the 10th of November:

“From Monday 21st November 2022, VCAT will convert the following fixtures from online to in-person: 

  1. All compulsory conferences listed for one day (or more); 
  2. All hearings of three of more days; 
  3. All matters requiring an interpreter; 
  4. All original jurisdiction applications but not section 87A PE Act matters unless they are captured by another criteria; 
  5. All compulsory conferences for section 82 applications (regardless of length); 
  6. All environment and resources fixtures (CC and hearings regardless of length); and 
  7. All 1 day compulsory conferences in land valuation matters. 

From Monday 12 December 2022, any land valuation matters with three or more hearing days will become in person hearings.” 

There are few notes to be made of this. In short, hearings of two or less days, and all other hearing types, will continue to be conducted online.

In case of any confusion, the conduct, whether online or in person will appear on Initiating Orders.

VCAT will issue updated orders to convert all eligible hearings.

Masks are required to be worn for the time being, but check the VCAT On Hearing Day page for up to date information.

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