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Two dwelling maximum abolished in the neighbourhood residential zone

March 1, 2017

Two dwelling maximum abolished in the neighbourhood residential zone

There will no longer be a two dwelling maximum on sites in the zone.

The zone will now require that a specific percentage of the site area be reserved as backyard or garden space and there will be no limit on the number of dwellings that can be built on a site. The area required for driveways cannot be included in the calculation of yard space.  

The percentages of yard space required for sites are: 

  • For a site less than 400 square metres – no prescriptive requirement;
  • For a site between 401 – 500 square metres – 25%;
  • For a site between 501 – 650 square metres – 30%;
  • For a site greater than 651 square metres – 35%;  

The above requirements will also apply to sites in the general residential zone. This reform will apply to every council in the state of Victoria.

In addition to abolishing the two dwelling maximum the state government have also increased the maximum building height limit in the neighbourhood residential zone from 8 metres to 9 metres and there is a mandatory building height of 11 metres introduced for the general residential zone.     

These changes came into effect across every Council on the 27/3/2017.